At Cater Galante Orthodontics, we have seen our Invisalign starts double since we joined TIO network and started using their services for our offices. More patients are coming in from our newly designed website and the New Patient Process has become more effective as well through the coaching and consulting that is also offered with TIO.
— Dr. Donna Galante, Cater Galante Orthodontics, California, USA

Dr. Guy Deeming, Queensway Orthodontics, North East, UK

The best way to summarise TIO: a shot in the arm for a growing practice. Since our involvement with TIO we have gone from doing 20 to 200 private cases a year. The TIO network and services have provided a clear and structured consultancy for all aspects of my private practice. The mentoring is superb, honest and bespoke. As the doctor and practice owner, the biggest standalone benefit has been the ability to leverage the skills and experience of the TIO team and network of orthodontic colleagues to avoid mistakes and wasting time
— Dr. Guy Deeming, Queensway Orthodontics, North East, UK

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I can’t speak highly enough of the quality and breadth of the TIO program and services. The collaborative nature of TIO, combined with the clinical, marketing and practice management services and resources, have helped me more than double the size of my practice.
It’s not just about Invisalign. It has extended into every part of my practice: more patients, higher conversions, more production, better-trained staff, and improved clinical efficiency and scheduling. My practice and I are both in a far better place since joining TIO.
— Dr. Theo Baisi, The Ortho Practice, Sydney, Australia

Dr. Deena Savjani

— Dr. Deena Savjani, Clearly Orthodontics, UK

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During your private practice, there are multiple decisions to be made. Hiring key staff, staff training, marketing, customer service and many more. However, there is nothing more important than understanding the value of being in a “like minded” professional group. I repeat “like minded”, usually you do not find this in your state or country association of orthodontists.
If you aspire to grow your practice, not only based on volume, but also based on efficiency, you should stop reading my testimonial first and talk to a TIO representative.
The interesting part is that there are no lock in contracts. If you do not like it, leave it. If you do not like the TIO, please email me personally and I will refund your fees you had paid for the first month. However, if you do like it, spread the word.
— Dr. Vas Srinivasan, Invisible Orthodontics, Queensland, Australia

Dr. Murtuza Hasnaini The Brace Orthodontic Practice, UK

— Dr. Murtuza Hasnaini The Brace Orthodontic Practice, UK

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TIO stepped in to help lift my existing marketing and social media to a new level. It is fantastic to have someone with the specific knowledge of orthodontic market to take control of your website, Facebook and other social media platforms. TIO helped with all aspects of staff training, processes and systems allowing me more time to focus on patients and their treatment.
The mentoring by Dr Grant Duncan and online resource library on Invisalign have been invaluable in helping me to move from a gold through platinum elite, diamond and now diamond 2 providers.
For TIO to work in your practice, you must embrace the programme and give your team the time and resources, knowing it will pay dividends.
— Dr. Monica Reinach, Pure Orthodontics, Essex, UK

Gail Stockton Helix House Orthodontics, UK

— Gail Stockton Helix House Orthodontics, UK

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I was so relieved when we joined TIO. I shudder to think how we could have coped through the last 12 months throughout COVID-19, without TIO.
— Dr. Owen Crotty, Crotty Orthodontics, Cork, Ireland

It has been invaluable to be part of the TIO Community. I would not be where I am or have the confidence I have now without TIO
— Dr. Visram, Braces and Faces, Wolverhampton, UK

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