Introducing The Community

We created The Community to bring you together with equally passionate people ready to take their practice to the next level - whatever that means for you.

The Community combines all of the best elements of TIO into one place, taking our global community and collaboration to a whole new level.

The TIO approach to The Community:


At TIO, we know that our biggest asset is each other. Our membership emphasises education, which not only comes from our team of specialists, but from our community of orthodontic experts.


We also know that the best collaborations come from working with fellow orthos who are experiencing the same problems. We don’t want to dilute the conversations by including GDP within our community.


We built our community from scratch and are continuously working to grow, develop, and support our members as they navigate the ever-changing (often choppy) waters of modern orthodontics.


You can openly share and learn from the successes and failures of other members. And, because we offer a practice radius promise, you never have to worry about communicating with your direct competitors.

The TIO approach

Keeping our members ahead of the curve

Join us by fostering innovation through collaboration. Let’s work together to identify new opportunities, critically assess or test ideas, and keep each other accountable for making the changes we set out to make.

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Keeping our members ahead of the curve

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