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Dr. Duncan was treating 500 patients working 100 days a year, seeing 140 patients a day across 7 chairs, he has a desire to spend more time out in the world with his family and at his international speaking obligations. Dr. Duncan wanted to continue to grow his practice while spending significantly less time in the clinic.


  • Dr. Duncan treats 450 patients a year, working 52 days a year.
  • He sees between 40-70 patients on his clinic days with only 3 chairs and 2 full time assistants.
  • He offers DTC alternative of fully remote, low fee aligner treatment alongside full fee complex treatments, and has a subscription-based retention model.

How They Got there:

TIO looked for efficiencies at every single step and touchpoint in Dr. Duncan’s patient journey - from the minute they landed on his website, until they finished treatment.

TIO where instrumental in the implementation of systems and processes which included:

  • Online review automation
  • Email marketing and automated lead nurturing
  • AI driven chat Bots instead of live chat
  • Online new patient booking functionality
  • Virtual consultations
  • TC only consultations
  • Remote monitoring treatment with ‘as required’ in clinic scheduling
  • DTC alternative low fee product


“The TIO network and services have provided a clear and structured consultancy for all aspects of my private practice. The mentoring is superb, honest and bespoke”

- Dr. Grant Duncan

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About Straight Smile Centre

Dr. Grant has grown his business to seven locations around Adelaide, with 3 specialist orthodontists supported by a team of 38 staff members. Dr. Grant Duncan has treated more Invisalign® patients than any other orthodontist in Australia.

Our founder Dr. Grant Duncan and his practice continue to be fully immersed in the TIO program, utilising all our training courses and tapping into our digital marketing team’s expertise, to continue to grow his practice and adapt a virtual practice.