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Dr. Guy Deeming

Queensway Orthodontists


Dr. Deeming was the orthodontist at a successful practice, with a large patient volume. However, he was looking for ways to achieve substantial growth, with limited clinic and doctor capacity left to capitalize on.


Largest provider of Invisalign in the UK.

5 Locations.

8 Orthodontists.

1500 patients a year.

His brand is about digital, virtualization and social media domination.

How They Got there:

Dr. Deeming decided to focus with us on systems that would both achieve growth and free capacity including:

  • Increasing aligner expertise with the TIO on demand webinar and our consultant led clinical training events.
  • TIO implemented a lead nurture system and software to automate front desk follow up and commenced email marketing sequences.
  • Implementing Dental Monitoring to convert clinic appointments to remote ones
  • Implementing Smile Mate for virtual consultations.  Dr. Deeming now only sees new patients virtually.
  • TIO created a strong social media strategy & advertising campaign to support influencer growth and the digital brand of the practice.


"The TIO network and services have provided a clear and structured consultancy for all aspects of my private practice. The mentoring is superb, honest and bespoke.

— Dr Guy Deeming

Queensway Orthodontists

About Queensway Orthodontics

Queensways orthodontics have grown to have 9 specialists’ orthodontists across 5 practices, with a combination of 90 years’ experience. They have treated over 15,000 smiles and are the North’s leading specialist provider of Invisalign®.

Dr. Deeming is a founding member of TIO in the UK and have fully embraced the TIO program, learnings and guidance, which is reflective in his continuous growth, expansion and innovation