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What content belongs on the website and what Email Marketing

Posted: June 22, 2021 | Website

Deciding which content is best suited for your website and social media can be challenging. Below we’ve created simple guidelines with tips illustrating appropriate topics and ideas for each category. Follow these recommendations as a foundation for best practice when choosing the types of content and where to place it.

Website content should be clear, concise, and presented in a way that all users can easily understand. The goal is to provide a platform where users can simply digest information while being able to navigate the website and find what they are looking for quickly and effortlessly. When adding content to your website, you might ask yourself:

  • Can someone who is not familiar with my practice or brand understand the information and directives?
  • Are my services and offerings easy to interpret?
  • Have I expressed the main focus of my business front and centre?
  • Can you easily find how to contact me?

Well written website content ensures a successful user journey. Keep in mind the tone of this content should be professional and authoritative. Below are some ideas for what to include on your website:

Service focused sections/pages – each of your services should have a dedicated space/page describing the specific service/treatments offered in your practice

About your practice/meet the team– information including how long you have been in business, your mission/goals, intro to doctors/team including high resolution images

Patient Reviews – another source of credibility and way to instil trust in your new and existing clients. If your reviews page is not connected to your GMB and automatically updated have these updated with new reviews 1x/month.

Awards/Accreditations – this could include GMB, Yelp, Charity Organizations, Community Involvement as well as noteworthy personal achievements and accolades.

FAQ’s – section/page to address commonly asked questions

Contact page – including your location/s, office hours, phone number, and email

Next, we’ll dive into social media. This realm is overall a bit more playful and fun! Social media provides a space where businesses can connect with their audience on a more personal level. Social profiles also serve as a trust factor indicating your practice is credible, especially for new patients. Social accounts allow a practice to further establish a relationship with their patients. It gives social media users a chance to look inside the practice and what it means to be a patient. This is a good way to establish patient expectations as well as humanize your brand.

Below we’ve included a list of content categories or ideas for the perfect social post:

  • High quality images (professional photos or good quality smart phone pics are great!)
  • Videos/Behind the scenes footage (followers appreciate authenticity/a peek into real life experiences)
  • Company events and news
  • Motivational quotes that support your brand image
  • Reposts from followers/brands you identify with
  • Offers, giveaways, or promotions
  • Guest takeover/guest speaker
  • GIFS
  • Infographics
  • Local neighbourhood happenings
  • Shout out to other local businesses (perhaps they can mention you as well!)
  • Explore local influencers

When thinking about social content reflect on the main goals:

  • Grow your brand and build your community
  • Engage & inspire users
  • Reach new users

We hope this list sparks new ideas and provides a framework for your individual practice. Your TIO team is happy to deep dive into what this means for your practice and help you create a roadmap for success!