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I want to hire a videographer- but what should I film to get the best ROI?

Posted: June 22, 2021 | Video

When embarking on the often-mythical journey of building a video asset bank for your practice, it is hard to know where to start, what to include, and frankly is this even worth the cost and hassle? The below article is designed to help demystify the process by identifying key points of consideration, supplemented with a template shot list that you will be able to use as a starting point when it comes to video and ensuring you are get the best bang for your buck (or pound/euro for our UKI members).

The brief to the individual or company who will be shooting for your practice is one of, if not, the most crucial element of the process. This is often the stage where all too often practices fall at the first hurdle. Before we dive deeper into the brief, I want to mention a few points to consider even before you start:

Direction Setting – Videographers are creatives, subject matter experts in filming & editing, NOT experts in your practice, and more importantly, not experts in your consumer. That being said, you also need to balance that with an open mind to creative ways they may recommend portraying a particular scenario or product visually.

Raw File Ownership – Does the supplier allow you to keep hold of all the ‘raw’ (unedited original files), or will they charge you extra for this? This one is important when it comes to repurposing video content throughout the year(s), if not I’d suggest you do not appoint them as the person you work with.

Consent Forms – will you or the videographers be obtaining consent from the actors/models, patients, and staff? Failing to do this opens you up to the risk of not being able to share any of the content, but still having paid for the shoot/editing time.

Requirements/Deadlines for Turnaround – Make sure expectations on turn around, editing and when you will see the assets are agreed and documented. Much like websites, and much of digital for that matter, it seems simple in theory, however the amount of technical work that occurs behind the scenes if often overlooked, and in the case of video can amount to a lot of editing time and delays. Elements that increase editing required include:

  • Number of transitions required, and type of transitions
  • Any motion graphic overlays on top of the video
  • Any colour correction required

Now onto the shoot, and what to include.

You will be asked the questions around the shot-list, our recommendation to TIO members is to start with the basis of the below, but also overlay elements of the practices that particularly represent you and your brand.

  • Clear and Invisible aligner treatment for straight teeth – (Best Performing Hero Content for Ads)
  • Patient(s) putting aligner in
  • Doctor holding aligner, holding it and talking
  • Patient holding aligner, taking it out to eat
  • Virtual Consultations
  • Patient is on computer or iPhone talking to an orthodontist. Showing teeth, and then ortho talking to screen perhaps holding typodont (teeth model) talking through a treatment
  • Virtual Treatments
  • Someone using dental monitoring app for remote check-ups on their phone
  • Phone showing text messaging feature with the doctor
  • Free x-rays/records – (maybe someone getting x-ray taken or photo records taken)
  • Patient using dental monitoring phone device (retractors) & scanning
  • Generic Practice
  • Monthly payment plans, no deposit etc (someone making a card payment at the front desk)
  • Free consults (doctor talking to patient, patient walking into practice)
  • General practice shots both interior and exterior
  • Shots of Ortho and team working
  • Equipment – technology we use – virtual options, 3D scanner, iTero Scanner
  • PPE precautions taken due to COVID 19

By covering a broad shot list like the above, it will mean that you are able to use different snippets when have additional video content curated from the raw files to support a sophisticated and integrated marketing look and feel across not only your website, but also all off your other prospect touch points i.e. Facebook Ads, Organic Social, Referral partners, Email marketing, Snapchat, Tik-Tok etc. This results in only needing 1 video shoot, which serves your needs for much longer and thus improving your ROI up front. By owning the raw files, it also enables you to source cheaper/local editors or use self-editing software’s such as Canva to generate new variants of well shot footage and a much lower price point.

Should you find that the below still leaves you a little bit fearful, please do reach out to the TIO team as they will be more than happy to work with you to create a bespoke shot list further based on your marketing roadmap/goals.