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Facebook Targeting

Posted: June 21, 2021 | Social Media

Facebook Advertising offers a wide range of options when it comes to targeting your ideal audience. This is why 80% of businesses use Facebook and Instagram advertising in their marketing plans, and most see a positive ROI when they run campaigns.

Demographic Overlays

We have demographic overlays such as age and gender which can be useful if your typical patient is a Female between 20-50, as you won’t spend any money on a less qualified persona. Marketing is a numbers game. We’re betting that the audience is appropriate for our product or service, and we want to place our bids on the bet that will most likely win. So, if it’s twice as hard to convert a male, or someone over a certain age, you’d want to hedge your bets and place them on the most likely demographic to take you up on your offer.

Geo Targeting

The most important targeting option that local businesses have, is the ability to target based on zip code or by radius to their practice location. We can ensure that the audience is within the proximity of the practice location and set up a 5–15-mile parameter, or whatever it is that your practice is typically in market to serve.

Other Parameters

Facebook targeting also allows for interests, education, job title, and even certain Facebook pages. This for instance, would come in handy if you wanted to target someone with health and beauty, or more specifically oral hygiene (say, teeth whitening) related interests.

Leveraging The Algorithm

There’s also a way to use the Facebook algorithm, to find people who look like your current customer (patient) base. These are called lookalike audiences. You upload a CSV file with your patient emails and names to Facebook, and the algorithm can actually find people who look like that audience pool to target. The algorithm is coveted and no one, except Facebook’s engineers, know exactly how it works. The thing is, it works extremely well, and those campaigns are some of the highest lead producers with the lowest costs that we’ve seen.