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With over 95% client retention rate, and an average client age of over 5 years - once orthodontists join TIO, we find they usually stay. Here’s some of the examples of why:

Dr. Grant Duncan

Mastering Clinical Efficiencies

TIO Founder and Member: 10 Years

Dr. Duncan was treating 500 patients working 100 days a year, seeing 140 patients a day across 7 chairs, he had a desire to spend more time out in the world with his family and at his international speaking obligations.

To continue to grow his practice while spending significantly less time in the clinic.

TIO looked for efficiencies at every single step and touchpoint in Dr. Duncan’s patient journey - from the minute they landed on his website, until they finished treatment.

TIO where instrumental in the implementation of systems and processes which included:

  • Online review automation
  • Email marketing and automated lead nurturing
  • AI driven chat Bots instead of live chat
  • Online new patient booking functionality
  • Virtual consultations
  • TC only consultations
  • Remote monitoring treatment with ‘as required’ in clinic scheduling
  • DTC alternative low fee product

Dr. Duncan treats 450 patients a year, working 52 days a year. He sees between 40-70 patients on his clinic days with only 3 chairs and 2 full time assistants. He offers DTC alternative of fully remote, low fee aligner treatment alongside full fee complex treatments, and has a subscription-based retention model.

Dr. Guy Deeming

Complete Practice Virtualization

TIO Member: 8 Years

Dr. Deeming was the orthodontist at a successful practice, with a large patient volume. However, he was looking for ways to achieve substantial growth, with limited clinic and doctor capacity left to capitalize on.

Established practice wanting significant growth with limited capacity.

Dr. Deeming decided to focus with us on systems that would both achieve growth and free capacity including:

  • Increasing aligner expertise with the TIO on demand webinar and our consultant led clinical training events.
  • TIO implemented a lead nurture system and software to automate front desk follow up and commenced email marketing sequences.
  • Implementing Dental Monitoring to convert clinic appointments to remote ones
  • Implementing Smile Mate for virtual consultations. Dr. Deeming now only sees new patients virtually.
  • TIO created a strong social media strategy & advertising campaign to support influencer growth and the digital brand of the practice.

Largest provider of Invisalign in the UK. 5 Locations. 8 Orthodontists. 1500 patients a year. His brand is about digital, virtualization and social media domination.

Dr. Laura Duncan

A Total Reliance on Digital Marketing

TIO Member: 2 Years

Dr Duncan opened her new clinic just before COVID-19 hit. With only one staff member, no referring dental network, she had to rely entirely on a strong digital marketing strategy. Using TIO’s wider team to attract large numbers of patients quickly and streamline new patient processes to only deliver high quality patients.

New clinic opened just before COVID-19. No digital marketing experience or online presence.

Dr. Duncan utilised the digital, community and consultancy services that TIO offers its members. The launch of her successful new practice was achieved through:

  • TIO creating and implementing big budget digital marketing campaigns, across Facebook, Instagram, and AdWords with campaign specific landing pages.
  • TIO designing, building, and launching a new, high converting website.
  • The implementation of exceptional virtual consultations and patient journey, creating 100% in clinic conversion rate.
  • Total lead follow up automation and email marketing to reduce staff time.
  • TIO consultants executed TC Training to improve conversions and cross train non-TC clinical staff, due to only having a single staff member.

Dr. Duncan was a diamond Invisalign provider in her first year. She now has 3 full time staff and started over 180 patients despite COVID-19 and taking 6 weeks out of the clinic, to be a first-time mum.

Dr. John Warford

Long Distance and Virtual Orthodontics

TIO Member: 1 Year

Dr. Warford wanted to expand his practice and increase the number of starts a year. However, being in a region with a small population, the growth he wanted to achieve was limited.

Small regional population, exploring growth through long distance orthodontics.

  • TIO helped create online training resources for general dentists about basic orthodontics.
  • Shared consents and legal documents as ways to create the formal and transactional tri-party relationship between dentists, patients, and orthodontist.
  • Create an FAQ to help orthodontist anticipate concerns from dentists they are seeking to partner with.
  • TIO introduced SmileMate virtual consultations for dentists to share and collaborate on treatment planning.

The practice offers virtual orthodontic services, treating patients in partnership with dentists who are 180+ miles away.

Who are TIO

The Community was built by TIO, a global network of specialist orthodontists with a shared passion for growth, technology and innovation with a focus on clear aligner treatments. They are committed to being the best in their field. They push the boundaries of what’s possible together, to achieve exceptional patient outcomes and accelerate practice growth.

The TIO network is supported by a team of over 25 digital marketers and ortho focused growth coaches. Together they supplement the clinical conversations with their own real-life experiences, to foster innovation across the entire practice ecosystem.


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The Community is an exclusive learning and collaboration space for TIO’s network. It’s a think tank for growth, innovation, ideas and collaboration. A single platform, available in the app store or on your desktop, that houses all of TIO’s conversations, interactions, teachings and training.


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Every week TIO’s team of subject matter experts, posts new content to help members stay ahead of the curve. We ask the compelling questions, to challenge the status quo, encouraging and helping members to stay at the top of their field.

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Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced level orthodontic marketing and sales courses. Learn with over 60 different lessons available in marketing strategies, virtual consultations, dental and patient referral and more.

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