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What to expect with TIO

The Invisible Orthodontist wants you to benefit from every aspect of our program. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect when you become a member of our global network.

    Expert doctors

    • Broaden case acceptance to treat aligner cases competitors can’t.
    • Treat cases in shorter times.
    • Treat fewer appointments, meaning more convenience for the patient and less cost for you.

Expert doctors

How can you achieve this? An accelerated clinical learning journey taught and supported entirely by your orthodontic expert peers through online community learning online community learning and face-to-face events.

  • Access to 3 new clinical webinars per month hosted by experienced TIO doctors. Additionally, gain access to hundreds of past webinars.
  • An online doctor forum with over 100 specialist orthodontists who submit an average of 100+ cases a year, with 1 in 4 submitting in excess of 350 cases a year.
  • 3 Annual Conferences in Australia, Europe and America facilitated by world-class speakers.
  • TIO’s online Aligner Academy – 100+ 5-minute videos on specific tooth movements by Dr Grant Duncan, the founder of TIO who has treated over 4,000 Invisalign cases.

Expert new patient coordinator teams

  • Increased lead conversion rates and reduced no-shows
  • A revolutionary new patient processes resulting in 100% doctor conversion rates
  • Consistent, automated new patient follow-up reminder system
  • Email marketing to ensure no unconverted patients slip through the cracks

How we train for new patient success

  • One-on-one staff training and consulting
  • Hands on small group workshops
  • TC training conferences
  • TC staff online forums
  • Webinars
  • Online TC video course

Expert marketers

Our digital marketing experts

  • There is no such thing as digital marketing anymore, just marketing in a digital world.
  • Digital marketing is a science not an art – you need to trust your digital partners because it can be hard to see the forest through the trees.
  • Your digital strategy must be at the forefront of every practice marketing strategy and seamlessly integrate into your offline marketing and your patient journey.
  • We know how important it is, so that's why we trust no one else. TIO has an entire in-house digital team to manage every aspect of digital marketing you will need in your practice.
  • Our digital team is made up of experts like you – we specialize in orthodontics, too.

With your expert marketing team

  • Offline, our consultants train your team to create marketing experts and marketing plans for your practice.
  • Deliver dental referrals, patient referrals, events and promotions and local community strategies for them to implement.
  • Over 50 strategies and related collateral for simple roll out (i.e. templates, videos, etc.)

Expert practice operators

  • Introduce better information tracking and reporting.
  • Stop guessing where your time and money needs to or should be spent to bring the best result.
  • More efficient scheduling – for you and for patients.