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Our community

The Invisible Orthodontist membership community is one like no other. Receive support, advice and learning opportunities from your most respected peers.

Our biggest asset is each other!

TIO facilitates access to a global community of highly experienced specialist orthodontists, who collaborate daily for the learning and success of each other.

Our group is continually developing together and pushing the boundaries of case acceptance and practice management allowing them to so you can treat the most complex cases in the least clinical time.

Our community consists of innovative and forward thinking orthodontists who are committed to continual improvement to ensure we have the best clinics in the world:

  • Over 100 specialist practices and 130 specialist orthodontists
  • Submit more than 13,000 Invisalign cases a year, or an average of 100 cases, with the top 20% of providers submitting more than 400 cases a year
  • Have upwards of 3,000 patients in remote monitoring

We understand that TIO isn’t for everyone. We are looking for open-minded, forward-thinking, collaborative specialist orthodontists who are looking to take their practice to the forefront of orthodontics in both clinical and marketing strategies.

Geographical exclusivity

  • TIO members are highly collaborative, sharing information and ideas consistently.
  • We can only offer a single license per area to ensure that our members can share openly without the worry of competition.

Our approach

For the practices that qualify working with us, we offer geographical exclusivity. Remaining regions are limited; contact us to find out if you can claim exclusivity in your area.

Find out if your practice qualifies