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Dr. John Warford

Warford Orthodontics


Dr. Warford wanted to expand his practice and increase the number of starts a year. However, being in a region with a small population, the growth he wanted to achieve was limited, he wanted to explore growth through long distance orthodontics.


  • The practice offers virtual orthodontic services
  • They treat patients in partnership with dentists who are 180+ miles away

How They Got there:

  • TIO helped created online training resources for general dentists on basic orthodontics, and how to sell orthodontics.
  • Shared consents and legal documents as ways to create the formal and transactional tri-party relationship between dentists, patients, and orthodontists.
  • Create an FAQ to help orthodontist anticipate concerns from dentists they are seeking to partner with.
  • TIO introduced SmileMate virtual consultations for dentists to share and collaborate on treatment planning.


“The TIO network and services have provided a clear and structured consultancy for all aspects of my private practice. The mentoring is superb, honest and bespoke”

- Dr. John Warford

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About Warford Orthodontics

Warford Orthodontics is one of the world's top Invisalign providers, they have a combined orthodontic experience of over 60 years and have transformed over 20,000 smiles. Dr. John is the only Top 1% VIP Invisalign provider in North Dakota.

Using TIO’s digital expertise and experience in remote consultations, Warford Orthodontics has created OrthoInsight, which offers patient state-of-the-art technology and remote visits, creating smiles they have always wanted using Invisalign.