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Although the practice was doing marketing, there was no marketing strategy in place, the

orthodontist was firefighting rather than being strategic with their marketing planning & spend.


Crotty Orthodontics now have:

  • An optimised and high performing website
  • Seen their new starts double or triple each month (during COVID19)
  • Increased leads by 556% in 1 month alone
  • An average lead conversion rate on their website of 23%

Crotty Orthodontics have continued to operate throughout COVID19 due to the implementation

of virtual consults and the support of the TIO community and specialist team.

How They Got there:

One part of the appeal of joining TIO for Crotty Orthodontics was having the international support of fellow orthodontists from around the globe and being part of a group that excelled in what they do: marketing and lead development for specialist orthodontists.

TIO worked with Crotty Orthodontics to grow their practice through:

  • Launch of paid Facebook, Instagram and AdWord campaigns
  • The creation of a 12-month marketing strategy & the execution of the plan
  • TIO built a new high converting Website
  • Implementation & training of a new marketing system (PRM)
  • Implementation of lead tracking & prospective client tracking.
  • TIO’s on demand training resources for all team members
  • Implementation of virtual consultations

The Future:

They have set themselves a 54% growth target this year, which they are on track to achieve three months ahead of forecast.

Crotty Orthodontics will continue to utilise and roll out all the different elements available to them through the marketing system (PRM), TIO introduced into the practice. With the help of TIO and members within The Community, they will continue to adapt to the ever-changing climate, to ensure they future proof their practice and stay ahead of the curve.



 “I was so relieved when we joined TIO. I shudder to think how we could have coped through the last 12 months, without TIO.”

- Dr. Owen Crotty

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About Crotty Orthodontics

Dr. Crotty has over 25 years of experience as a specialist orthodontist and lectures on Invisalign practices all over the world. Dr Crotty provides the best quality service to his patients across 2 locations and is recognised as being at the cutting edge of modern orthodontics in Ireland. Dr. Crotty is a founding member of our Irish base and is heavily invested In the latest technologies to future proof his practice and accelerate his growth.