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Dr. Visram purchased her new practice with no website, brand or marketing in place. COVID-19 hit and the UK was placed in lockdown in month 2 of the practice opening.


  • Braces and Faces has a new brand
  • An optimised and high performing website
  • Platinum Provider of Invisalign
  • Increased its private case starts by 100% in its first year

Despite opening just before a pandemic, Braces & Faces is a thriving specialist orthodontic and referral practice. Dr. Visram is now supported by a highly motivated and upskilled team and is an

engaged member of our valuable TIO community.

How They Got there:

TIO worked with Dr. Visram to train her team and build out a tailored marketing strategy, this was achieved through:

• Implementation of VTC only consults

• TIO built a new high converting website

• TIO consultants trained new staff about TC process

• Execution of a strong email marketing campaign

• Creation of a lead nurturing system to maximise the patient centric journey and conversion of every valuable lead

• On demand marketing courses – Training and upskilling for her team.

• Launched paid Facebook, Instagram and AdWord campaigns

The Future:

• Braces and Faces is forecasting for 100% growth in year 2.

• They will be hiring an additional VTC and Therapist.

• Utilising visible team goal setting boards, trackers and patient centric protocols

The TIO team will continue to be an extension of the Braces and Faces team, working on marketing strategies, campaigns and practice efficiencies to accelerate the practice growth.


 “It has been invaluable to be part of the TIO Community. I would not be where I am or have the confidence I have now without TIO”

— Dr. Visram

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About Braces & Faces

Dr Salima Visram and her practice joined TIO as a Cold Squad, with over 10 years’ experience in orthodontics, Salimia has extensive experience in all areas of Orthodontics with a particular interest in Adult Orthodontics, Complex Interdisciplinary Treatment and the use of Aesthetic Braces.

Dr. Visram joined TIO at the start of COVID-19 and hasn’t looked back, herself and the practice have fully emerged themselves into the TIO program to ensure they implemented the learnings and knowledge of the TIO experts, to future proof their practice.