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Team training

TIO offers a custom, consolidated and coordinated approach to training you and your team. From new inquiries, to consultations, to treating with exceptional outcomes, TIO is there at every stage of the patient journey with a primary focus on improving conversions at every stage.

Dr Grant Duncan

Over the past decade orthodontic industry has transitioned. Traditionally a referral based specialty, today more patients are coming from marketing efforts, particularly online. But these patient’s needs are different, their dental IQ is lower, they are earlier in the decisions making process, and your new patient process and phone call must adapt and change to account for this difference. We must find a way to deliver patients what they need, when they need it, while also ensuring we screen and educate patients appropriately to minimise any impact on doctor time.

Dr Grant Duncan
TIO Founder, Adelaide, Australia

Conversion improvement

  • We are not your ordinary consultants. Think of us as part of your highly skilled team working continuously alongside you in your practice
  • Co-founded by an orthodontist, TIO truly understands you and your patients. Our team of experts come from clinical and practice backgrounds, and are exclusively focused on training your orthodontic team
  • Our training is:
    • In person (one-to-one)
    • Online (one-to-one)
    • On demand (online learning portal)
    • Group based (workshop, conferences and webinars with fellow TIO members)