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Ongoing TC & staff training

The nature of TC role has changed dramatically over recent years. The types of patients and leads are changing. Online leads are different from word of mouth referrals, or dental referrals. And patients know more than ever with direct to consumer products entering the market more and more. TCs need to be able to adapt to each different type of patient and they need to be able truly uncover the patient’s motivation so that they can assure the patient that the treatment they advise can address their concerns.

We teach tips and tricks to help your TCs work with each different patient type and help them identify true motivators. We will also advise how to educate a patient who wants simple treatment, but needs a more complex treatment plan. It is important that an orthodontic practice can differentiate its specialist expertise in comparison to the likes of providers such as Smile Direct Club. The TC’s job is not only to explain the expertise of you as the doctor but also educate the patient that the treatment outcome is achieved by the skills doctor and not appliance. This begins to indirectly address dentist treatment and direct to consumer models without direct criticism.

TC & staff training

Improved conversion rates are usually one of the easiest ways to achieve ongoing and sustainable growth. For example, if we assume the practice consults with approximately 30 eligible (i.e not put on observation) patients a month, then an improvement in conversion rate from 45% to 60% would mean an additional 54 new patients a year would start treatment, or $270k revenue (assuming a fee of $5k). This growth would be achieved even if nothing else in the practice was changed. This is often a practice’s biggest opportunity and an area which requires continual training improvement and development.

Sales skills

  • Online patient leads are not the same as word of mouth referrals, and it’s got nothing to do with whether they are ‘shoppers’ and everything to do with how good you and your team are at ‘selling’ your product.
  • It takes specialized skills to be a successful TC.
  • Your consultant will help you identify the people in your practice who have the right personality and aptitude to excel as a TC.
  • We’ll teach your team the soft sales skills required to increase your same day starts, saving both the patient and your practice time.
  • We’ll train these TCs to be sales champions who love to nurture, educate and convert new patients.

Four pillars to our TC training

  • On-demand online TC education portal breaking down every step in the TC exam. Your team can learn at their own pace, at times convenient to them.
  • One-on-one in-practice and online training with your TIO consultant. We’ll shadow your team and give you bespoke feedback and advice.
  • TC immersion workshops allow your TC to learn from the TIO experts and from your fellow TIO member practices in a group environment.
  • Conferences. TIO runs 3 TC conferences worldwide where we invite world leading sales and TC speakers to give your staff access to the best so they can be the best.