Innovative New Patient Journey | The Invisible Orthodontist

Innovative new patient journey

With so much time and money going into generating the new patient inquiry, it is critical that each lead is nurtured each step of the way. This enables your team to convert these leads into new patients.

  • The initial contact: Most practices rely on the New Patient Consultation as the point to ‘sell’ their practice to the potential patient. Very few practices understand the importance of the new patient inquiry education process in getting the patient to (a) show up to the consultation and (b) show up ready to start treatment. We train your staff to improve the new patient nurturing process to reduce no shows and improve the conversion rate of your new patient consultations, without spending any more money on marketing.
  • The first appointment: How does a 100% doctor conversion rate for new patient consults sound? We know it’s possible. We work with your staff to implement our innovative, streamlined appointment process; ensuring the only patients who take chair time are those who are 100% committed to starting treatment.
  • The treatment journey: Whether your practice wants to be treating patients remotely or whether you want to continue the traditional method of seeing patients every 6 to 8 weeks, we’ll make sure our innovative consultation process is built exactly how it will work for your practice. We’ll increase the number of new patient exams seen, without increasing pressure on the doctor.

New and innovative patient journey

Worried we’ll make you do things ‘our way’? Don’t be. On your journey with us, we’ll share with you the consultation processes that have worked for our member practices, getting you as excited as we are to build out your own design. We’ll plan out what changes you want to make now and in the future.