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Web design, development and CRO

Your website is one of the best tools to increase your new patient leads. Our specialization in user behavior on orthodontic websites means we know how to grow your business by increasing your website conversion rate.

Why is this so important?

Increasing the number of your existing website visitors who convert into an appointment is one of the most efficient ways you can increase your new patient leads, as shown below:

Advertising spend Website visitors Conversion rate New patient leads
$1,000 1,000 1% 10
$1,000 1,000 2% 20
$1,000 1,000 5% 50

Improving the conversion rate of your website allows you to grow efficiently.

What is a conversion rate?

The percentage of the visitors to your website who become a new patient lead.

Why does conversion matter?

In order to drive action, we develop a site that carefully guides users through key information and into booking an appointment. This lowers the risk of them leaving your site and drives more business to you rather than your competitors.

How does TIO increase conversion rates?

We have a great deal of experience and data about how users behave on orthodontic websites. We use this data to increase your conversion rate right away with a new website.

  • We continuously monitor the performance of your website

    We regularly review your website using heatmaps and Google Analytics to understand how users interact with your site. This information drives our optimizations and allows us to make tweaks that convert.

  • CRO techniques such as A/B testing

    Using Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) techniques such as A/B testing, we’re able to show slightly different versions of a web page to separate halves of your audience, analyzing the performance of both to see which performs best.

  • Our web designers are specialists in user experience (UX)

    When it comes to designing your website, our designers are skilled in understanding how users behave and what drives them to act.

  • Increasing returns on advertising

    Increasing your returns on advertising will in turn, increase the returns from any future marketing and advertising campaigns your run, as more people visiting your website from such campaigns will be likely to become a new patient lead.

  • Designing and coding your website for usability

    When we design and develop your website, we do so for maximum usability. This means we ensure it works perfectly and as needed, on all common screen sizes and devices. We also optimize the site load speed, as this is key to improving visitors’ experiences on your site, and increases the chance of them becoming a new patient lead.

How many new leads can CRO generate for me?

  • Before joining TIO, we typically find an orthodontic website's conversion rate to be around 1%; this means that 1 out of every 100 visitors to your website becomes a new patient lead.
  • We consistently find that our optimized websites convert at around 3%, and have surpassed 10% on some recent sites.