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Search engine optimization (SEO) & local SEO

Search engine results pages (SERPs) continuously evolve with changes and updates each week. This means that your SEO efforts also need to adjust in order to get you the best results. The team at TIO keeps tabs on how these updates impact our members and make any necessary revisions on your behalf so you don't have to worry.

How we approach SEO

There is no golden ticket for SEO - if you went to 100 digital companies, you would likely come away with 100 different approaches. However, what TIO has is the experience of getting excellent results for hundreds of orthodontic practices globally.

  • The experience and data we have in orthodontics is unrivalled.
  • Global is becoming local - we’re looking to attract prospective patients in your geographical area so we focus on local SEO.
  • We take an efficient approach - as we are not charging you just for SEO, but we view this as an integral part of your overall strategy to grow your practice. We focus on the areas that will get you the most-cost effective results. This may differ depending on factors such as your location and the amount of competition in your area.
  • There are global solutions we know work, but also look at each practice individually as localization is key.
  • We won’t focus on getting you to the top just for the sake of being number 1 - this is not an effective or efficient approach. As you will see below, there are different elements to a SERP so this as a standalone point doesn’t mean much.
  • There are some factors we can’t control; for example, the length of time you have had your domain will influence the organic results, while your geographical location when searching will influence your Local SEO results.

What does SEO mean for an orthodontic practice?

  • There are 4 key components to a SERP:
    • Google Ads
    • Local results - the 3 listings you see under the map
    • Organic (unpaid) listings
    • The knowledge graph card - the content showcasing your business on the right of the SERP when someone searches for your practice name
  • When Google thinks a user is searching for something with ‘local intent,’ it shows the local SEO results. Common keywords used to search for orthodontic care would be covered with local search results.
  • Our primary focus is on the paid ads and local SEO results, as our data shows that a majority of leads will come from people clicking these listings, and the cost to appear favorably in these areas is extremely efficient.
    • We focus on all elements of the SERP with a multi-faceted and data driven approach rather than just focusing on getting you to the number 1 result:
    • We know that being number 1 doesn’t mean you will get the best results:
      • Paid advertising - being number 1 does not typically get the best returns.
      • Local SEO - we can’t change where people are when searching, but factors such as your online reviews mean that it’s not all about being number 1.
      • Organic results - with teeth straightening being a high value service and not an impulse purchase, being number 1 doesn’t necessarily mean you will get the best results. In fact, our data shows there can sometimes be value on even being on page 2; although you will get fewer click on the results, the people who do spend time researching, are more considered, thus will be more likely to convert into a quality lead and treatment thereafter.

Local SEO

  • Google previously showed 7 results in the Local SEO listings. This is now just 3 results, in what is known as the ‘Snack Pack’ - meaning it’s now harder than previously to appear here.
  • We will take care of many of the key components for you to give you the best chance of appearing here:
    • Citations - these are a listing of what is known as your NAP on specific websites Google considers as a high authority
    • Google MyBusiness (GMB) optimization and update
    • On-site optimization
  • Your online review strategy is a key component, and we will provide you with all the tools and direction needed to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors in generating reviews.