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Reputation management

Your reputation management is how you are seen online through things like online reviews. More and more, this can play a major part in the success of your practice growth, both through online reputation but also secondary digital strategies like SEO.

What is reputation management?

  • Reputation management is how your prospective patients view you.
  • It’s what your past patients say about you, and what future patients see.
  • It’s all about trust - reputation management is what more than 90% of people will base a decision on about whether to go ahead with a local company or not.
  • Simply, it’s something you can’t ignore.

What does this include?

  • Online reviews - this is the most important part of reputation management and where we will support you the most:
    • 98% of people read online reviews, influencing their purchasing decisions with a local business.
    • It’s becoming more popular than ever, so we want to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.
    • People consider reviews in the last 90 days as the most valuable, so it’s key this is part of an ongoing strategy.
    • It’s important you don’t fall foul to the guidelines of companies like Google and Yelp in the approach you take to generating reviews.
    • We can provide you with reputation management software to help send SMS and emails to your patients asking them to leave reviews.
    • Your review performance will affect your local SEO listings, but also plays a part in your overall patient starts, as people coming to the practice with a positive mindset built from your online reviews are going to be easier to convert.
  • Google MyBusiness - it’s important that your business is conveyed in the best light and you take advantage of opportunities to showcase your business. We will work with you on Google Questions and Answers and Google Posts to ensure you are staying ahead of the curve.
  • Accuracy of online data - this forms part of your local SEO strategy, and we look after elements such as building citations and ensuring you have a NAP match for accurate data.
  • Social media comments - we will train you on how to create timely replies to messages and comments on Facebook.

Reputation management

We will do all we can, providing all the support, tools and guidance you need to ensure you are creating the best perception of your brand and service online.