Paid Advertising for Orthodontists | The Invisible Orthodontist

Paid advertising

Our team of orthodontic marketers will oversee the strategy and ongoing optimization of your paid search (for example Google and Bing) and paid social (for example, Facebook and Instagram).

How we help you

  • Your TIO membership includes management of your paid advertising.
  • We build, set up, manage and optimize your campaigns, and report to you on performance.
  • Our paid advertising teams specialize in orthodontics, so we have a huge amount of data into what works best to get you excellent results from the start.
  • Paid Search (i.e. Google Ads) works very differently from Paid Social channels (i.e. Facebook Ads) with regard to how each platform targets prospective patients and and in terms of how ads on each platform need to be optimized. As such, we have dedicated teams who focus on each platform, with specific skills sets to ensure we can get you the best returns on your spend.
  • We are official Google Premier Partners. This means Google works closely with us to provide us insights into industry data, and early access to test new features in ‘beta’, giving us a great competitive advantage to keep you ahead of the curve.
  • Our dedicated account manager at Facebook provides us guidance to manage your ads more efficiently and effectively.
  • We keep you ahead of the curve through advertising on ever-evolving channels such as YouTube and retargeting platforms.

How are we different?

  • Our only goal is your success and the returns on your ad spend. Genuinely. Many digital companies will take a percentage of your spend; thus, their goal may be to get you to spend more. We will only run ads for you if we think they are going to add to your bottom line.
  • You join us at TIO to grow your practice, and we see paid advertising as part of the puzzle to achieve this.
  • We are transparent. If we see something is not working, we will let you know about it, offer you a solution to try and make things better and – if it just isn’t working for you – we will look at other options.
  • We focus on getting you the best returns, not just on making you appear on search engines and get visits to your website. A good example is that we tend not to focus on making sure your ads appear on top in Google; instead we assess your budget against the market opportunity, and start by serving your ads in various positions to determine which position gets the best return.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

  • PPC or paid search, is a type of ad that runs on search engines such as Google and Bing.
  • Your ads will appear based on keywords that people search for
  • You pay each time someone clicks on your ad
  • With Google looking to maximize revenue through their advertising platform, almost the entire search engine results page (SERP) that you see before scrolling down is taken up with their paid Google Ads. This means that if you are not running ads, your competitors likely will be and you’ll be losing out on market share; the fact is that people do click these ads and they can generate good quality leads.
  • There is a real science behind getting the best results on PPC - quality score, ad extensions, responsive search ads. These details matter and help get you the best results, and are also the things you can be rest assured our team will have covered.
  • We constantly optimize your campaigns, which is also essential to get the best results. As part of this, we have a monitoring system in place which helps us keep an eye on the campaigns we run and alerts us to key areas of focus.

Paid social advertising

  • There are more than 2 billion people on Facebook and 1 billion on Instagram alone. Paid social advertising is a great and cost-effective opportunity to position your practice and services to prospective patients.
  • We show your ads to people based on their demographics. For example, we can choose to show one set of ads to females aged 25 to 35, and another set of ads to males aged 50+. All ads are targeted geographically.
  • Ads on social are more visual than on search. We try out many different types of ad creative for you to get the best results, such as video ads and carousel ads.
  • There are many placements available on the Facebook Ads platform. A placement is the position on the social platform where your ads appear. For example, Facebook Messenger and the Facebook News Feed are two different types of placement.
  • Instagram is also run as a placement through the Facebook Ads platform.
  • The nature of Facebook advertising means that creative needs to be continuously refreshed, which is something we look after for you. We will also work with you on producing your own practice-generated content.


  • Retargeting is where we show custom, targeted ads to people who have already interacted with you. Perhaps they have visited your website or clicked one of your ads - but they have not yet become a lead.
  • These leads are further down the new patient funnel, as we know they have already shown interest in not just orthodontic treatment, but your practice, and we want them to come back to you before they go to your competitors.