Orthodontic Digital Analytics and Reports | The Invisible Orthodontist

Analytics and reporting

By keeping our finger on the pulse and assessing key performance metrics each month, TIO takes a great amount of data and distills it into actionable takeaways for your marketing efforts and your team. Monitoring and analyzing analytics is essential to optimize performance and get you the best results.

What do we measure?

The answer is pretty much everything. That’s the beauty of the digital landscape - most campaigns you run can be tracked. We use multiple tools, software and processes to ensure we can analyze how things are working, which include:

  • Google Analytics - to analyze user behavior and the conversion rate of your website.
  • Paid ads platforms - each platform has its own analytics to allow to us to see where each of your dollars is spent.
  • Heat mapping software - this gives us insights into where on a web page users spend most time.
  • Intelligence reports - we identify and set parameters against which we are alerted to changes in performance.
  • Monitoring boards - we have stock exchange-esque boards which we monitor every day to track performance across all your channels in an ongoing basis.
  • Website uptime monitoring - we receive alerts should your website ever go down.
  • Conversion rates and lead generation - our goal for you with our digital campaigns is lead generation, thus we typically review conversion rates and the number of leads generated as a key measures of digital campaigns.

How do we report to you?

Quarterly reports

    We send you quarterly reports, which cover both digital and non-digital components of the TIO program. This will cover performance on your website, paid advertising, SEO, and reputation management. Some of these will be presented and discussed with you in person.


    A drop in performance is not something we shy away from. It’s the nature of the digital world where there are so many variables, and in an industry where there is a fair amount of seasonality. We aim to pick up on any drops in performance through our monitoring processes, but when they happen, we will let you know about them. More importantly, we will let you know what we are doing as a result, so you can rest assured that everything is being taken care of for you.