The Community

The Community was created to bring together passionate Specialist Orthodontists ready to take their practice to the next level. This membership combines all the best elements of TIO into one place, taking our global collaboration to a whole new level.

The TIO approach to The Community:


At TIO, our biggest asset is each other. The Community gives you instant access to the most brilliant minds in the field, so you can collaborate and inspire together.


We will continuously evolve and develop The Community to best support our members as they navigate the ever-changing waters of modern orthodontics.


We only invite Specialist Orthodontists to The Community, so you’ll be working with the best doctors in the field experiencing the same issues and innovations as you.


Learn from the successes and failures of other TIO members and openly share in our forums. But rest assured you’ll never need to work with your direct competition thanks to our competitor lock-out.

The TIO approach

Keeping our members at the head of the curve

The Community is about innovation through collaboration. Let’s come together to test new ideas, identify opportunities, and hold each other accountable so we can reach greater heights.

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Keeping our members at the head of the curve

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