Our Story

TIO was built by an orthodontist for orthodontists.

Over 12 years ago, our founder Dr Grant Duncan made a decision that would forever change the way he practised orthodontics. With the expansion of our programme across Australia, New Zealand, the UK & Ireland and North America, now you can make that change too.

Back when Dr Grant Duncan was starting out, the opportunity to bring aligner treatment to the masses was huge. Invisalign® was and still is the market leader - and he hitched his wagon to that star.

‘After starting just 10 Invisalign® cases a year, I grew to 300 Invisalign® cases in 3 years, and I now treat more than 450 Invisalign® cases a year over 90 clinical days across Australia. Throughout Australia, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and North America, all of our members are able to tell their friends and colleagues similar success stories to my own.’ - Dr Grant Duncan


Without TIO, I am 100% sure we would not be where we are today and would definitely not have gotten here as fast. ive attached the guys image

— Dr Guy Deeming


The foundation for TIO members is an all encompassing programme that takes your practice from 30 cases to 300 cases in 3 years.

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Our story

So where are we now?

From just 30 clear aligner cases to over 25,000 each year

TIO has grown exponentially over the last 10 years, from helping orthodontists in Australia, to being the group that help accelerate practices growth around the globe:




New Zealand











TIO now has over 400 orthodontists, treating over 25,000 cases annually, with an average of 100+ cases a year.

Our members treat 1 in 3 cases in Australia and 1 in 5 cases in England.

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