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About TIO

TIO is a global network of specialist orthodontists dedicated to innovation and collaboration.

Our community is made up of clinical experts and world leaders in Invisalign and aligner treatments. As early adopters of cutting-edge and disruptive technologies, we ensure our members stay ahead of the competition.

About TIO

Our team of industry experts support orthodontists to plan, prepare, adapt and ultimately grow by leveraging the most innovative marketing and clinical tools available.

There are a few key characteristics universal to all successful orthodontic practices.

Top 7 attributes of a successful orthodontic practice

  • Relevant and timely data collection, tracking and reporting
  • Expert doctors
  • A strong and cohesive online digital marketing strategy
  • A coordinated and comprehensive offline marketing strategy
  • Exceptional customer service and new patient processes
  • Seamless and automated pending patient follow up
  • A working schedule that is patient-centric and efficient for staff

Our job is to work with you and your team to help you achieve ALL of them – in the right way and at the right time for you.